• Registration

    • The $50 registration fee and first month's tuition are due at registration


    • We offer a sibling discount of 15% per family toward monthly tuition
    • Families who pay annual tuition in full receive a 5% discount on tuition

    Monthly Class Fees

    • 1 Class = $85
    • 2 Classes = $140
    • 3 Classes = $180
    • 4 Classes = $210
    • 5 Classes = $240
    • 6 Classes = $270
    • 7+ Classes = $300

    Tuition is based on an Aug-May enrollment period and is divided evenly over 10 months. This does not mean your child is committed to 10 months of dance. It does mean that tuition is charged at the same rate each month, whether it's a holiday month or a long month with 5 classes, rather than 4 classes. 

    Recital Fees

    • Recital fees and costumes (for up to 3 classes) are included with tuition
    • If a dancer chooses to perform in more than three recital dances, an $80 performance fee will be charged for each extra dance 
    • Dancers enrolling after August will incur a one-time pro-rated recital surcharge to catch up on recital fees that would have been included in their monthly tuition

    Late Payment

    • A $30 late fee will be automatically applied to unpaid accounts on the 20th of each month. 
    • Families with two months of nonpayment will be dismissed from the studio.