• Picture, Taping & Show Schedule + Costume, Hair & Accessory Chart

    Click Your Dancer's Correct Class Level to Access their Schedule & Costume Chart
  • We have hired a film production crew to create a virtual recital experience for our students. This will include staggered filming and picture sessions (following safety guidelines) June 22 – 24 in our studio. Lights, backdrops, video displays, LED color matched light strips, high quality videography, and professional individual photo shoots are just a few of the elements that will be utilized to create an extraordinary experience for our dancers. Once filming days and editing take place, our 3 recitals will be broadcast on June 27th & June 28th.  This will allow our recitals to be enjoyed in the comfort and safety of your homes with family and friends.

    Please click the appropriate link above and read over the notes that explain the charts in more detail. Be sure to check the daily tabs at the bottom of the charts to find your child’s class day.  Please scroll over to see costuming details listed as well.

    Film Day:

    • Many of our groups’  “film day” is different than their normal class day.
    • Please study the chart carefully to ensure you know what day and time to come for your dancer’s class.

    Drop Off / Picture Time:

    • Please check your dancer in at our front door on time (or 5 minutes earlyJ) in full costume, hair, and makeup. 
    • Pictures will begin promptly upon arrival.
    • We need everyone’s help to stay on time for all of our busy virtual recital rotations.
    • To stay within social distancing guidelines, the picture sessions will be for individuals only (no class group pictures).

    Performance Time (Gym Bugs Chart Only):

    • ONLY our Gym Bugs parents will be allowed into the studio due to the young ages of these performers.
    • These parents will be welcomed as they enter thru our back hallway door to watch their child’s performance in the back Studio G. 
    • Due to COVID restrictions, please limit this to 2 Gym Bugs parents per dancer.
    • No siblings allowed.

    Pick Up Time (CORE & RDC Chart only):

    • Parents may pick up their children out front at this time or dancers can get changed for their next routine with our staff’s assistance. 
    • Families are also welcome to wait and watch the filming process via live feed on TVs that will be outside under our awning.

    Broadcast Time:

    • The finished live stream broadcast will be in early July. We will follow up soon with definite dates and times. 
    • Broadcast links will be emailed on the day of each show. 
    • We will follow up with links to digital downloads (including the shows and dancer’s pictures) for all of our families.

    Gym Bugs & CORE Dancers in Only ONE Routine:

    • Arrive camera ready - in costume with hair and makeup done
    • Do not send dance bags or backpacks. Dancer may bring a labeled water bottle to keep with them.
    • In order to follow social distancing guidelines, our dressing room will be closed to everyone except Gym Bugs dancers in multiple routines and mothers to help them change.

    Gym Bugs Dancers in MULTIPLE Routines:

    • We ask that Gym Bugs mothers help their dancers change into their costumes for their next routine in our dressing room. Only Gym Bugs dancers and their mothers are allowed in the dressing room.
    • Once dancers are ready for their next routine, they should check back in for their next round of pictures. 
    • Please do not bring siblings to film days.
    • Dancers that will be at the studio for several hours may bring snacks in a labeled lunch box.

    CORE & RDC Dancers in MULTIPLE Routines:

    • Since COVID restrictions limit the number of people in the studio, no CORE or RDC parents are permitted in the building during film days.
    • Dancers will be separated into appropriate age groups in designated dressing rooms/studios.
    • REV staff will assist with costume changes as needed.
    • Dancers that will be at the studio for several hours may bring snacks in a labeled lunch box.

    Costuming Details:

    • Tutu’s dance boutique has all of the tights and shoes you will need for recital. They know exactly what our REV dancers need. 
    • Please use plenty of hair gel and hairspray for recital. Often putting hair up wet helps as well.
    • Please use age appropriate stage makeup-not too much but definitely use blush, mascara and lip color so your dancer isn’t “washed out” under the lights. 
    • No fire engine red or hot pink lips - deep reds or deep pinks are good options to choose.
    • No “cat eyes” eye liner.

    We are really looking forward to our virtual recital experience! It will be a wonderful celebration of our dancers' achievements!