• Meet Julie Barton, Knoxville Dance Instructor

    A Note From Julie..............

  • Ten years ago I could never have imagined that God would bless me so much! One wonderful husband, three amazing children and one exciting business later, I am honored to be part of an AMAZING team that teach and inspire children of all ages. 

    So much can be learned from the art of dance. I have treasured watching so many children develop wonderful dance and life skills along the way, such as poise, style, humility, teamwork, flexibility, strength and kindness. What has been most rewarding is to see how God is working in our program to create a special environment for everyone. We really couldn't have done any of this without God's daily guidance and grace. 

    As I reflect back on my life as a competitive cheerleader, gymnast and dancer, I am grateful to the many teachers in my life who inspired me to keep on going. Though battling severe scoliosis and growing up in a multitude of back braces, I was able to continue doing what I loved. 

    I was a VOLS cheerleader from 1995-1998 and selected as Captain in 1998. I was also blessed enough to coach the VOLS dance team from 2003-2008 where they placed second in the nation at the University Dance Association Collegiate Dance Nationals. 

    Additionally, God allowed me to do very rewarding work at Children's Rehabilitation Center from 1999-2004. And then God placed the opportunity for Gym Bugs and Revolution Dance at my doorstep. He has orchestrated and amazing group of young women over the years to make our dream come alive. 

    The growth of our business is a direct reflection of God's help and our amazing staff. I am abundantly humbled and blessed by our success. I so appreciate all the families that support our program. I can promise you that we all strive to make your child's experience uplifting and rewarding!