• We will continue to follow the safety guidelines for Knox County and the Tennessee Pledge. We are grateful for our large facility that allows us to offer space for our students to spread out and safely train.


    Safety elements we will be continuing until further notice:

    • Additional facility sanitizing and frequent hand sanitizing
    • Temperature check ins upon arrival
    • Required masks for all staff and dancers
    • 6 foot social distancing as much as possible
    • Our lobby and water fountains will remain closed

    What we can promise:

    • We will continue with many recommended safety measures for the foreseeable future.
    • We will remain flexible to the changes that occur and have plans in place to protect our dancers as best we can.
    • We will prepare for when someone does test positive and keep you well informed.
    • We will continue to give our students the best chance to succeed while loving and supporting them the whole time.

    What we cannot promise or guarantee:

    • No transmission of COVID-19 or any other illness.
    • 6 foot distancing at all times, although it will be maintained as much as possible.
    • All students wearing face masks the entire time at the studio. It is a shared responsibility of dancers, parents, and staff to prioritize the necessity of wearing masks.

    To think that none of our students will test positive in the months ahead would be naïve. Children of all ages in our area are now testing positive, often with no symptoms present at all. They have shown that life can and will carry on after a positive test result.

    If your family is deemed high risk, it is recommended that you wait until a later date to enroll for all extra curricular activities.

    Upon registration for classes, you will be required to sign a COVID-19 liability waiver.