• Tuition

    An annual registration fee of $50 is due upon registration. The registration fee is not pro-rated, and therefore is not reduced when registration takes place later in the year.  
    Tuition is automatically charged to your credit or debit card on file on the 5th of each month. If you register before August, your card will not be charged again until September. 
    Tuition is $80 per month for one class and $135 per month for two classes. Each additional class is $30 more with a $300 cap. 
    We offer a sibling discount of 15% per family and a yearly paid in full discount of 5%. Discounts do not apply to RDC fees or the registration fee.
    The instructional year runs August - May, with the total cost of the instructional year divided into 10 equal payments. This does not mean that you're committed to the full year.  It does mean that tuition will be the same whether your child's class meets five times in a long month or two times in a holiday or transitional month. 
    Recital fees and costumes (for up to 3 classes) are included with tuition. If a dancer chooses to perform in more than three recital dances, an $80 performance fee will be charged for each extra dance. 
    Our spring recital will be Sunday, May 19th, with mandatory dress rehearsals TBA. We have an afternoon and evening recital, but each class only participates in one show. If your child is enrolled in more than one class, there is a possibility you will need to attend both shows. 
    Dancers enrolling after August will incur a one-time pro-rated recital surcharge to catch up on recital fees that would have been included in their monthly tuition. This fee is based on $15 per month, and will be charged on the 15th of the second month of enrollment. The second and third classes will be charged $7.50 per month. Other than the surcharge, recital fees are included in tuition, not added to tuition, and are therefore non-refundable.