• FAQs:

    How will the dancers be judged? 

    Dancers will learn a variety of choreography and technical skills which will be performed in small groups to be evaluated by a panel of judges and staff. 

    How competitive are RDC auditions?

    Minimum skill requirements vary by age group. If your child is interested in RDC auditions, we suggest you talk with his/her instructor about required skills. Cuts have been made at all age levels in the past several years of auditions. Please wait another year to audition if your dancer is not prepared for the possibility of not making RDC. 

    What is a feature?

    A feature is an invitation only dance. We have small features (4-9 selected dancers) and large features (10-18 selected dancers). Features may be required to travel to additional competitions. Features also incur extra costume, choreography, practice and entry fees. 

    What is the financial commitment of RDC?

    The minimum financial commitment this year was $300 per month, which included a monthly RDC fee, plus tuition for company large group, company line and three other required classes.  The RDC fee covered the cost of a fall weekend dance intensive, as well as line and large costumes and entry fees for competitions. It did not include travel expenses for two required out of state competitions. It's possible more than two out of town competitions will be required next year. 

    What is the time commitment for RDC?

    In addition to weekday classes, several weekend practices will be required for learning choreography and perfecting dances. Time commitment varies by age level.

    How many competitions will RDC attend? 

    The number of competitions for 2017-2018 is yet to be determined. In 2016-2017, all RDC members competed in Cincinnati, Atlanta and Knoxville. Features, trios and solos also competed in Louisville. Some company members are competing in Showstopper Nationals this summer in Myrtle Beach. 

    How can we get more information about RDC requirements and commitments? 

    Please carefully look over the 2017-2018 RDC contract to gain a good understanding of the time, dedication and financial commitment RDC requires before signing your dancer up for auditions. The contract for 2017-2018 will be updated with different requirements, but the current contract will give you an idea of financial and time commitments. RDC is not for everyone. Please make sure your dancer has a strong desire for competitive dance and that RDC is a good fit for your family before he/she auditions. 


  • Minis/Juniors

    Rising 1st-5th Graders

    All attendees MUST register for BOTH Sunday and Monday. Due to different meeting times on each day, they had to be set up as two separate classes. 

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  • Pre-Teens/Teens/Seniors

    Rising 6th-12th Graders

    All attendees MUST register for BOTH Sunday and Monday. Due to different meeting times on each day, they had to be set up as two separate classes. 

    Pre-Register Here

  • Mission Statement

    It is our desire to encourage and grow each of our dancers as they learn in class and on the stage. We compete not to win awards but to teach our students to work to the best of their abilities, to gain confidence while learning from constructive criticism, to value the importance of practice, and to teach self-discipline and hard work that will carry over into all areas of their lives. We aim to grow them into strong, self-assured, humble young women and men.