• Pre-Teens/Teens | (6th-12th Grade)

  • Fall Registration Opens in May

    Classes Begin Mid-August ( Or Check Out Our Summer Drop-in Schedule)

    Listed Days & Times Are for Current Instructional Year

  • Is your teenager brand new to dance? This non-recital class is the perfect way to gain dance technique fundamentals such as basic leaps, turns and flexibility skills. 

    Most Pre-Teen classes require previous dance experience, but Jazz is an option with this class as a co-requisite. Hip Hop does not have any co-requisites. 

    Schedule: Tuesday 7:00-7:45

    DRESS: Any leotard OR top + dance shorts | Jazz shoes OR turners


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  • The "must have" for any dancer. Our classical ballet program covers all aspects of ballet fundamentals including: terminology, barre, center work, technique, flexibility, placement and strength. Our staff STRONGLY recommends ballet as a core class for each student's technical improvement. 

    Pre-Requisite:  Must have previous ballet experience within the last three years. If not, please register for Jr Ballet. 

    Schedule: Monday 6:45-7:45

    Dress: Pink ballet shoes | Black leotard & pink tights | Hair in ballet bun

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  • We use the latest music and great moves to make this class both fun and challenging. Whether new to dance or an experienced dancer, everyone LOVES our hip hop classes!

    Schedule: Tuesday 5:45-6:30

    Dress: Tennis shoes or hip hop boots | comfortable clothing


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  • Using the latest in inventive choreography, our jazz instructors will help each student grown throughout the year. We use a variety of techniques in our classes, such as stretching, strengthening, and leaps and turns to challenge each dancer. 

    Co-Requisite: Must also be enrolled in CORE Pre-Teen Skill Progressions

    Schedule: Tuesday 7:15-8:00

    Dress: Tan jazz shoes | Any leotard OR dance top + shorts


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  • Our lyrical classes utilize ballet and modern movement to convey emotion and tell a story. Dancers will be challenged to reach their potential in this graceful and technical form of dance. 

    Co-Requisite: Enrollment in Pre-Teen or Junior Classical Ballet

    Schedule: Wednesday 7:45-8:30

    Dress: Tan turners OR bare feet | Any leotard or top + dance shorts


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  • Want to improve your musicality, coordination and rhythm while making some noise? Tap is a must for the complete dancer's toolbox. 

    Pre-Requisite: Must have previous tap experience in the last three years. If not, please register for Junior Tap.

    Schedule: Tuesday 8:00-8:45

    Dress: Black tap shoes | Any leotard or top + dance shorts


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  • Pre-Requisite: Instructor approval and AT LEAST two years Classical Ballet

    Co-Requisite:  Enrollment in Classical Ballet

    Schedule: Tuesday 4:15-5:00

    Dress: Black leotard & pink tights | Hair in ballet bun | Shoes TBA 


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  • Strengthen core and legs while gaining amazing skills in acrobatics. Adding an aerial, back tuck or back walk-over can really add flavor to a performance. This class used to be a drop-in, but registration is now required. 

    Pre-Requisite: Back walkover + aerial required for Advanced class

    Dress: Any form-fitting dancewear | No shoes required

    Beginner: Wednesday 6:15-7:00

    Advanced: Thursday 5:45-6:30 (If not a beginner, please contact us for proper class placement.)


  • This non-recital class focuses on improving dance skills, such as turns, leaps and legs. 

    Schedule: Tuesday 6:30-7:15

    Dress: Jazz shoes OR turners | Any leotard OR top + dance shorts